Safari Activities - what a traveler does on safari and how the days are spent on different safari pursuits.


A variety of activities may be pursued while you are in our camps.

Game and/or Nature Drives This activity is central to almost all of our camps and safaris.

Our vehicles are all open and we put a maximum of 7 guests in a vehicle, except in 8 bedded camps where we seat 8 guests per vehicle.

Bird Watching

Wherever you travel with us, birds will be found, although some areas offer better bird watching than others. The greatest number of birds may be seen between October and March, when the central African migrants are present. Endemic species will be seen throughout the year.

Night Drives

In certain areas we are able to travel in safari vehicles after dark. This offers you an opportunity to experience some of the nocturnal mammals and birds which are only very rarely encountered during the day.

Guided Walks

Wherever possible, we offer you the opportunity of exploring parts of the area on foot, in the company of an experienced and knowledgeable guide.


In some camps, boating is one of the activities we offer. We travel out into the surrounding areas by boat looking for game, birds and at the general scenery.

Canoeing or Mokoroing

In many of the regions we visit, opportunities exist to explore the wildlife of the waterways. In some instances, traveling by canoe or mokoro (dugout canoe) may be the best or only way of reaching certain locations. *(Mokoro=single, mekoro=plural)


Some camps offer fishing as an activity. Catch and release practices are encouraged. If you are a keen fly fisherman, bring your own equipment, please.


Some camps have 'hides' where guests can leave their vehicles and watch wildlife peacefully, from the safety of the hide.

Swimming Pool

Many camps have a small plunge pool. Guest Rooms This symbol shows the number of guest rooms in that camp